Spring Cleaning at the Vineyard

Flying down and visiting the vineyard last week, I got to see the spring cleaning under way. The pruning is all finished, and the fertilizers are on. We have had soil tests taken and, from the results of these, our viticultural consultant can decide what we are missing. In order to continue to be organic, all fertilisers have to be elemental in nature, and no synthetic chemicals are allowed.


We don’t mind this patchy, wet spring weather as the winter and early spring rains fill our irrigation dam, to help us through the hot, and sometimes very dry, Marlborough summers.


The biggest job on the vineyard at the moment is under-vine weeding/cultivating. Being organic, we don’t use herbicides to kill the weeds so¬†we try to remove the competition of the weeds during the first spring growth flush. This way, the plant will do a lot better and will be able to cope better with weeds later in the season. The sheep have done an awesome job mowing down the grass and now we just need to manually grub out the big clumps they have missed. a job not for the faint hearted, but it definitely alleviates the need to go to the gym!! Any takers??